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A New Mix for 2006 [entries|friends|calendar]
Getting Better Every Day

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[28 Jan 2006|12:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

My resolutions were:

1)Cardio work outs at least twice a week
2)Weight training at least 3 times a week
3)Get psychotherapy counciling
4)Quit Barnes & Noble
5)Stop letting the past hold me back.
6)Limit junk food intake to once a week on a "cheat" day.

So far:

1)Checked. Will be even better when it's warmer. Dislike the treadmill except for speed training.
2)Checked. Weight workouts are 40 minutes long with core training (crunches) and upper-body building.
3)Checked. First appt. was today. Good progress noted.
4)Checked. Last day was last week.
5)Checked. Called Keith to re-establish a rapport and get support in nursing school. Talked to old Aveda co-workers.
6)Checked. At well all week (veggie burgers, rice, potato, lean cuisines) and had a Dunkin Donutes pig-out this morning.
I am now at 161lbs....down from this time last year when I was 176.

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Edit/Addition [05 Jan 2006|10:06am]

I am changing three full servings of veggies a day to four full servings of fruits or veggies a day. I don't have the circumstances to complete three servings of veggies.

Also, I resolve to create a beauty routine of some manner, including plucking eyebrows and taking good care of my nails, which I resolve to not bite for 7 out of the 12 months of 2006.
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[04 Jan 2006|03:38pm]

I made this journal so that people who don't care about my New Year's Resolutions don't have to see them, but if you do care, feel free to friend, and also feel free to join and participate. That being said...

My New Mix for 2006:
*Read 45 books this year.
*Engage in weekly dates with Jonathan. Out of the house dates.
*Eat three FULL servings of vegetables a day.
*Be able to run 5 minutes straight by the end of January, 10 minutes by the end of February, etc.
*Drink 6 bottles worth of water every day.

More to come? Who knows?
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